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Painted Furniture Is the New Art

If you believe of painted furniture as a scraped-up old couch you pick up at the flea market to put in the routine laundry room, think again. Would you ever think of painted furniture as fine art? You require not be especially artistically gifted to efficiently produce a conversation starter as well as a true work of art. hotel furniture

Intended for your first project, stafirirt with a thrift shop or flea market seat or small table. This doesn’t matter if it can scraped up or if it is already painted and nicked up. A little sandpaper will manage that.

Select a base color, buy some acrylic paint in a can and a good brush. Get a set of small containers of acrylic paint in a number of colors at a projects store and an inexpensive group of little brushes. Coloring your furniture item. Polymer-bonded dries quickly, so if you’re prepared to move on in half an hour.

If you are doing this type of painted furniture project, you can unsuitability, painting an appealing condition wherever it pleases you. Maybe you are going to then outline that condition in a contrasting color. Painted furniture can be a kind of pop-art creation. Perhaps you want to paint a grape vine that drapes gracefully across the chair seat or runs across the stand like a runner. What about stripes on the steps of the chair? Whatever goes. A geometric style will consider very attractive, a la Mondrian. Employ any colors you extravagant. Bright, primary colors are favorites with kids. To your teen daughter, various pastel shades may be only the ticket. If perhaps you’ve chosen a dark green as your bottom color, a burnt lemon provides a nice distinction.

There are some other tricks of the colored furniture trade you’ll want to learn while creating your work of fine art. Acrylic paints can be diluted with water and layered over another color, somewhat like a batik. A swath of light blue crossing over a purple area creates a new shade and added dimension. There are clear acrylic gels which you can use to thin down the color while keeping the same body owed to he total power paint. Experiment. Have some fun.

The moment you’ve completed this first project, consider the probabilities. Fresh, unfinished furniture can be painted as well. Believe what a terrific toy chest you can make as painted furniture for a youngster. That child will treasure it permanently.

A painted furniture job is one you can put away and opt for right back up when it’s useful to your routine. I can almost assure you’ll be eager to revisit and work some more, because it’s a therapeutic and satisfying activity.