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Piano Scales: Finger Exercises To Help You Master The Piano Keyboard

One of the best difficulties faced by those new to playing keyboard scales is sorting away where your fingers go in the many different key signatures. As anyone who may have had to work long and hard to learn these secrets will say, when you get it right it will make an amazing difference to your playing ability. And, yes, there are techniques you can learn to make things easier. One particular of them is through playing chromatic scales.  reel to reel tape deck repair shops

Chromatic Scales

Playing chromatic machines is very easy to do. Chromatic scales involve participating in every note on the keyboard one after the other, including all the white notes each dark too. Here is how to begin.

Play middle C with the thumb of your right hand, then play the black notice next to it, C#, with your 3rd. quick. Play the next white note, D, with your thumb. Next D# is played with your 3 rd. finger, E with your thumb and then N with your 2nd. quick, followed by your 3 rd. finger on F#.

In moving to G, carry on repeating this pattern of thumb, 3rd. finger, thumb, 3rd. finger, thumb, next., and 3rd. finger and reverse the format to middle mixer repair

With the left, starting on C an octave lower, play this note with your thumb, then C# with your 3rd. finger, M with your thumb, D# with the 3rd., Elizabeth with the second., F with the thumb, F# with the 3rd., and so forth

You can duplicate much the same design in any key and it’s quite simple to do once you get used to it. You should be able to feel which finger fits where note and, the more you practice, the more rapidly it is possible to play the scale.

This is a very effective exercise and will have you ever quickening your fingertips on the keys in no time at all.